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Breaking Negative Patterns

There are no short cuts to a healthy spiritual and physical life, but what if you could gain freedom from personal frustrations and unhealthy generational patterns by following some simple and effective strategies? Breaking Negative Patterns is the first in a series of four books that are designed to assist in identifying and breaking negative patterns and misguided perceptions.  This book contains step-by-step directions to breaking Bitterness, Confusion, Control, Deception, Depression, Discouragement, Dysfunction, Fatigue, and Injustice.  The process of breaking strongholds is simple and works for everyone willing to start.

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Breaking Negative Patterns Workbook

There's a force that does not want you to find your spiritual healing in this series. Whether it's confusion, control, depression, fatigue, dysfunction or other negative patterns, the process of breaking strongholds is simple and works for everyone willing to start. In this workbook, you'll go deeper as you find the action points from Breaking Negative Patterns listed in a clear, easy to understand format. Here you can answer the difficult questions and jot down your thoughts documenting your journey. Use this book to get set free, then consider training those in your circle of influence to use it to train their circle of influence. This message of freedom will spread and grow exponentially!

When the Heart Won't Let Go
Breaking Negative Patterns II

Have you ever felt a pain in your heart caused by another person? Have you ever experienced failure in a relationship? Do secret fears dominate your thoughts or dreams? Take The Stress Test and discover ROOTS OF DEPRESSION and the Seven Signs of Hidden Grief. With the help of this resource, you'll unlock spiritual SECRETS as you learn about Layers of Healing and The Seven Steps to Breaking Soul Ties. You'll experience BREAKTHROUGH as you embrace Seven Life-Changing Prayers. This tool is a spiritual game-changer and you will not regret reading it! It's the perfect therapy for everyone and can also be used to help friends and loved ones. Begin living the PEACEFUL existence you've always wanted. Get in the driver's seat and take back control of your life today!

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When the Heart Won't Let Go Workbook
Breaking Negative Patterns II

When the Heart Won't Let Go is the second book in the Breaking Negative Patterns Series. Utilize this workbook along with the matching book, as a guide to understanding the pain of disappointment and loss. Within these pages, you'll gain clarity as you learn strategies to break soul ties, releasing and healing the heart from the connections of the past. You'll identify what's been holding you down and where the stress and anxiety in your life have been originating. You or someone you know may be struggling to move forward from a death or a broken relationship. You may be grieving, disillusioned, hurting or in despair. Use this resource as a protective safety vest for yourself and as a life raft for offering hope to others.

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Breaking Negative Patterns III

Ever felt like there were invisible barriers keeping you from your destiny? Have you noticed family patterns or habits in your own life that have sabotaged success?  This third book in the Breaking Negative Patterns series provides the reader with symptoms to the strongholds of Anger, Hope Deferred, Humiliation, Infirmity, Poverty, Pride, Rebellion, Stress, Anxiety, and Time Management. Hold on tight... this is a wild ride to freedom!

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Breaking Negative Patterns IV

Stronghold breaking is all about healing. It's about changing etched in, wrong mindsets, old patterns and habits and restructuring our identity to be based on how we are seen by God.

This fourth and final book in the Breaking Negative Patterns series provides the reader with symptoms to the strongholds of Death, Freemasonry, Guilt, Shame, Identity, Jezebel, Negativity, New Age / Anti-Christ, Perfection, Rejection and Spiritism/Witchcraft (occult). Stronghold breaking is a very powerful process that changes everyone who experiences it.

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Who Does That

With technology at an all time high, Who Does That is a well designed tool that provides opportunity to connect on a human level. Everyone loves this thrilling question game that challenges the memory and intuition. Who Does That promotes cohesion during gatherings and encourages conversation and sharing. It has been used successfully during family gatherings, in university classes, in church groups, home groups, and among business colleagues.

Who Does That builds levels of compassion and respect and supports positive relationships and feelings among players.

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