Lisa Tyson

Author, Creator & Founder


As a child, Lisa enjoyed riding horses, milking goats and bringing in eggs. Her father was raised in South Africa, and from an early age, she was told stories about faraway places and was taken on international family trips.

As a teenager, she volunteered weekly in pediatrics and the neonatal intensive care unit at her local hospital in Lancaster, California. She began to develop a deep compassion for others, especially during mission trips to Mexico. Her heart for helping humanity was impacted by her interactions with the orphans and children. 


            In 2001, Lisa began to inspire through a career in teaching and at the same time, began to study human behavior.  As her observations of social causes and consequences of human behavior began to grow, she created a framework for free thinking.  Her system "Breaking Negative Patterns" has been responsible for helping thousands of individuals to break out of life-crippling mindsets.

Today, Lisa's background includes master's degrees in Education and Administrative Leadership, a bachelor's degree in Education with a minor in Psychology, and an associate's degree in Early Childhood Development. She has traveled to over 50 countries and has lived in Alaska, Washington, South Carolina, Ohio, Germany, and Australia, giving her a broad and deeply dynamic worldview.

Lisa's days start before the sun comes up. She has the goal to achieve something tangible every single day- workdays, weekends, vacations. She is always working on new tasks, new ideas, and new projects and works at a very quick pace.  Lisa often travels from her home, now on the Central Coast of California to teach mental, physical, and spiritual wellness classes for families, churches, and organizations such as the National Guard and the Cal Poly campus. Each week, she tries to fit in the things she loves- watching birds, working in her garden, reading and spending time in nature.